The following documents are important shareholder information for the residents of River Forest Village, Punta Gorda, FL.  All documents are password protected, only shareholders of the village are able to access the files.  To open a document, select the document you want to view and it will take you another page. On the other page will have a pdf button which you will click on.  You will be prompted to enter just a password or a userid and password.  If you do not have this information please call the office of River Forest Village.  You may be asked to identify yourself in order to receive the userid and password. NOTE: All documents are in pdf format (Acrobat by Adobe).  Most computers come with that software already loaded on your computer, so when you click a document link for pdf format, the document will automatically display.  If you need to download Acrobat, use the link below to get to the Adobe web site and then click on “get Adobe Reader” at their site. Many newer computers will prompt you to click “allow or “do not allow” to download a file or open a document from a web site.  If this security feature is on your computer, just click “allow” to download a file or view a document if you trust the web site.