About Us

About River Forest Village

River Forest Village is a for profit corporation that is governed by a 9 person board of directors along with several committees.  We have written (By Laws, Rules and Regulations and a Lease Agreement) that set the parks direction and govern our conduct.

Our Philosophy

We believe that good neighbors look out for each other and help when we can.  Volunteerism is abundant at River Forest Village.  We have all worked hard to get to retirement and feel blessed to have a Community like River Forest Village to live in.  You really get to know folks here.  It is not like living on a street in a home where you might know a neighbor on either side of you or one across the street.  We are just the right size to know almost everyone here and its not unusual to have many close friends.  While there are a lot of activities to partake in, you can participate to the level you feel comfortable with.  Stop by and talk to us!  Click on the Contact Us page.

Residency Requirements

All Residents must meet these requirements:

Age restriction: One of the residents must be 55 years of age or older and reside on the premises except as permitted under Rules and Regulations.

Only one share of stock ($2500.00) is permitted per resident or couple and is included in the price of any home or lot that you purchase.

Maintenance fees are between $190.00 and $200.00 per month. This includes water, sewer, cable TV, garbage pick-up twice a week, recycling once a week, lawn mowing and trimming, heated pool, clubhouse, activity building for playing pool, etc.

Homes must be neatly maintained 365 days a year even if you are not here year round.
Installing a new home must have prior written approval from the Board of Directors and conform to all Charlotte County building codes and regulations.

No pets are allowed in River Forest Village.

Shareholders must abide by their lease agreement, Rules & Regulations and By-Laws.